In-home technology support ($50/hour):

STAR Technology provides in-home diagnostics, repair, networking support, virus removal, hardware/software install and so much more!

If you are within STAR Technology’s 20 mile service range*, there is no trip charge or minimum charge. Simply need a problem looked at? A 30 minute consultation and diagnosis is only $25. STAR Technology is there when you need help, call/click today!

Online computer support ($50/hour):

STAR Technology can provide many, if not all, of the face-to-face solutions we offer through online support. With your permission, STAR Technology can remotely logon to repair your PC. If you have internet access, we can connect.

Initial diagnostics ($25-$50):

If you live within 10 miles of Lakeville, Minnesota or bring a PC to STAR Technology, initial diagnosis of various technology issues is only $25. If you are over 10 miles away diagnosis is $50. This is an easy way to determine what the issue is without having to worry about what the cost of repair will be. If you have the repair done, you will receive some or all of the diagnostic fee.

Computer building ($50/hour + parts):

Looking at purchasing a new desktop PC? Consider having STAR Technology custom build a new PC tailored to your computing needs. In most cases, a custom built machine is cost effective, more reliable, and has a better warranty when compared to a pre-built, brand name PC. STAR Technology will put together a design that fits your needs. Building a PC usually take about 3-4 hours in labor plus parts which varies based on the configuration you need.

Other services offered @ $50/hour:

  • Video recording/editing
  • Audio recording/editing
  • Home theater install/troubleshooting

 33 1/3 and 45 record to CD transfer ($15/record; $5/additional copies):

Have LPs and 45s that you can’t play anymore or want to be able to play more in CD quality audio? Then look no further! STAR Technology can transfer your records to CD and reduce the crackle and noise associated with vinyl records. The service includes separating tracks on the CD and a professional laser-etched label on the disc. Each transfer is $15 per record and only $5 for additional CD copies. You can also opt to skip the CD and simply own the audio files for each track.

Cassette tape to CD transfer ($15/tape; $5/additional copies):

See description above for record to CD transfer.

VCR to DVD transfer ($25/tape; $10/additional copies):

VCR tapes are outdated with DVDs and the increasing popularity of blu-ray. Why deal with rewinding tapes, the low reliability of tapes, and the low quality when you can have VCR tapes transferred to DVDs? VCR tapes transferred to DVD operate exactly like a studio produced DVD. A basic menu is created and chapters can be added. And of course, rewinding or fast forwarding is eliminated! If you own a newer blu-ray player, it has the capability to upgrade the quality of DVDs to near-HD quality so you can enjoy VCR tapes in excellent quality as well!

There are many other various services that STAR Technology may not advertise due to lower popularity, but are still offered. Just ask!


*If over 20 miles, there is a $50 minimum for services